The Big 3-0

Yes, this is it. My 30th birthday is less than 2 hours away.  For the first time in my life I’m actually dreading turning another year older! I used to think people who hated revealing their age or experienced any kind of anxiety when thinking about their age were crazy!  It’s a number! Who cares?  Well, now that it’s me in that position, I totally understand the angst so many people feel about entering a new decade of life.  I’ve grown so accustomed to writing a 2 in my age…now I have to get used to the fact that my age starts with 3! I’ve been alive for 3 decades!  Kids who were born when I was in elementary school are now graduating from college and getting married! Where did the time go???  Anyway, in honor of my big 3-0, I’ve decided to reminisce about some of my birthday parties from years past…

  • Age: 6.  Location: The Local Burger King.

All the kids from my kindergarten class were invited for a blowout party at a fast food restaurant. It was my favorite at the time. Everyone got a gold crown and a kids meal. After gifts, we went outside to the magical world that is the fast food restaurant playground.  So many restaurants have done away with their playgrounds, that was a big part of my childhood. We played pirates on the big ship-shaped slide that even had a swinging drawbridge. Good times were had by all.

  • Age: 13.  Location: My House.

My 13th birthday was pretty amazing. Lots of good memories. Some, not so good. My friends from school (only the girls) were picked up after school by a limousine.  The bar inside had been replaced with all the sodas you could drink. There was a tiny TV and stars that twinkled on the ceiling. The limousine took us to dinner in style, where we dined on delicious pizza at the local CiCis.  We had the limo for a while longer after dinner, and after a unanimous vote, we decided our next stop would be Petsmart.  If I’m lying I’m dying.  We then went home, had homemade funnel cakes in place of birthday cake, and stayed up all night.  We then took everyone home during some thunderstorms. Once we got home from dropping everyone off, one of the biggest tornado outbreaks in the state’s history wreaked havoc everywhere. I was so tired from the night before I slept through most of it, then the tornado sirens woke me up. Tornados obliterated entire towns that day. Only one of my friends lost their home. They found his mom’s car 3 blocks away WRAPPED around a tree.  My birthday went out with a bang in 1997.

  • Age: 16.  Location: Local Community Center.

The year I turned 16, my dad turned 40.  We were both having a big birthday that year (we share the same birthday). I told my mom it was fine if she focused on him instead of me for our birthday, so I was led to believe we were having a big birthday party for him. I was with my best friend all day getting ready, planning on surprising my dad. My friend suggested we dress crazy in tye dye shirts and long colorful toe socks, etc…the flower power days were trying to make a comeback at that time.  Turns out my friend was only keeping me occupied so I didn’t come to the community center because turns out, the party was for me! I showed up and saw all my friends sitting there in crazy tye dye shirts because the theme was crazy colors and flower power crap. There was a DJ and everything.  That was the biggest surprise I’ve ever been given.

The rest of my birthdays have been relatively uneventful. This one will be as well. No plans for a birthday party tomorrow, just having dinner with family. I thought this would be a big deal celebration-wise, but turns out it’s been such a crazy year so far nobody has time or interest in putting a party together…and I can’t blame them there. I’m not particularly in love with the idea of celebrating the death of my 20s.


One thought on “The Big 3-0”

  1. So how was the birthday? I hope you woke up and realised 30 was no biggie. I spent a year dreading my 30th and when I arrived in January I was suddenly relieved it was out the way and that nothing had changed, other than maybe my perspective on life. Happy belated birthday 🙂

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