New Mac Owner Seeks Advice

So, after two years of serious research, wishing, hoping, praying, begging, crying, etc…I finally have sitting on my lap a brand new Macbook Pro with retina display.  I am in heaven!  I’ve seriously been working toward getting one for a little over two years, but I’ve wanted a Mac ever since college when my roommate came home with one.  I had a piece of crap Dell with a 30 pound monitor, you know what I’m talking about.  Giant tower computer.  Then she comes in with this thin, white, streamlined computer with a strange looking keyboard and I was in awe.  It was beautiful!  Luckily we were good friends and she let me play on it. An offer I took her up on quite often!

Well, now that I find myself with my own Mac, I’m having some minor adjustment issues.  I was hoping to reach out to other Mac owners in the blogosphere for some helpful advice!  First of all, while I desperately wanted the 15 inch Macbook Pro, I just couldn’t justify spending the money for it. I ended up spending almost as much as one costs, but that’s because I had a couple of add-ons to purchase.  If I had bought the 15 inch with those add ons, I’d have been pushing $3,000…and I just can’t spend that on a computer, even if I had the money. Nope. Anyway, I was wondering if any of you former PC users who switched to a 13.3 inch Macbook ever got used to the smaller screen?  I’m slowly adjusting to it for web surfing and everything, but when I start working on photo editing and video editing, I’m not sure I’ll ever adjust to this small screen. Please someone else with a 13 inch Mac tell me I will!

Another few how-to things I was wondering about:

  • How do you save images from the internet? I could just right click and save on my PC…now I don’t know how to do it…
  • How do you save videos? Whenever I find a YouTube video of an episode of something I like, I used to save it with Keepvid…I can’t use it on this computer for some reason and was wondering if anyone with a Mac has a way of saving Youtube videos…
  • Also, what is a decent screen recording program?  I sometimes record my screen to make how-to videos for things…but I don’t know a good screen recorder. I spent the money on SnagIt, but it wasn’t what I thought it was, and the video it records won’t open in Photoshop, where I edit some of the videos and make gifs.  Is there a screen recording program that actually works?
  • What’s good video editing software? I am happy with iMovie for now, but I have some bigger plans for the near future and was wondering what some other YouTubers or video editors use on their Macs?  I didn’t spring for the Final Cut Pro because I didn’t know enough about it…any suggestions welcome!

Well that’s about all the begging I can come up with…I hope someone finds time to respond!


One thought on “New Mac Owner Seeks Advice”

  1. Images: option/click
    Saving Youtube videos: You can use a safari plugin or use something like jdownloader
    Screen recording: It’s built into Quicktime now. You can either record the whole screen or just a portion.
    Video editing: Got me there, but I find iMovie sufficient for what I need to do—which… really isn’t much!

    You’ll get used to the screen size eventually. Just give it time and lots of patience.

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