Surgery Accomplished

I can already tell this is going to take an eternity to type from my iPad, but that’s the only source of internet I brought to the hospital so I’ll have to make do.

First of all I am glad both one and @MissRaeMcNally’s surgeries went well and are now behind us! It’s so nice to have such a frightening event in your past rather than your future.

As as for my surgery, it went as well as it could considering the problems I have.  There were no complications and the severe nerve pain that radiated down my legs as a result of pressure on my nerves from herniated lumbar spine discs is gone.  I have no more leg pain whatsoever.  That’s an encouraging sign that my surgery was mostly successful! The only pain I’m experiencing is incision pain and bone pain from where the surgeon had to clip and saw off parts of my vertebrae.  Doing that takes pressure off the nerves.  She also had to remove disc fragments that were extruded when the discs herniated. Gross stuff, but that’s how it went down.

Due to my history, the doctors are taking extra precautions with me. Most patients who undergo this same surgery go home the next day.  Since I had this procedure 3 months ago and developed a hematoma and postoperative infection, I have to stay until Monday to keep drains in the incision site and to undergo large doses of IV antibiotics to try to prevent that from happening again.  I will also go home on strong oral antibiotics.

My surgeon warned me that due to the severity of my spinal degeneration, my pain my not be totally eliminated…now or ever.  The leg pain being gone does give me hope that it will br at least improved a great deal.  The previous degeneration and new bone removal means I will probably need a lumbar spinal fusion in the future. First discussions of this put the timeframe of fusion at ten years, but with the new bone removal it puts it at more like 3 to 5 years. She is going to do all she can to help me go as long as possible without the fusion because fusions are very painful and severely limit mobility.

I’ve reached the notorious second and soon third postoperative day, so my pain is worse and will probably be bad for a few days, but I know of experience that will ease more and more with each passing day.  So that’s the story for now. I’ll post some more experiences after I go home tomorrow


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