Aaryn Gries: Big Brother Bigot


As many of you know, I am in the middle of recovering from major spine surgery.  In that time, I’ve become accustomed to doing things I don’t do in my “regular life.”  One of these things is watching TV.  Because I’m unable to drive until released by my doctor, and I still need some assistance with things, I am currently staying with my parents until I’m able to get back to my life and my home.  My mom loves watching TV and is hooked on a few different shows currently.  One of them is Big Brother 15, and because I’m not able to do much else, I’ve been watching it with her.

Unless you aren’t into TV or the latest entertainment news, you have probably heard about the racism going on in the Big Brother house.  The worst of the racism is attributed to Gina Marie and Aaryn.  Normally I don’t get on the bandwagon when it comes to these TV controversies, but tonight Aaryn said something that really infuriated me.  It infuriated me to the point that I HAD to say something.  So, Aaryn Gries, this post is for you.

How dare you try to play off your racism by blaming it on being southern.  How dare you try to place that stigma on southern people.  HOW DARE YOU try to act like you “don’t mean it that way” when you make racist remarks and then hide behind the fact you’re from Texas.  The fact that you’re southern has nothing to do with it.  The fact that you slander the black people on the show, the asian people on the show, the gay people on the show, then try to act ignorant about it because you’re southern is the biggest cop-out I’ve heard in a long time.

Yes, a lot of the racism that unfortunately still exists in this country is attributed to people from the south, but the fact that the other racist individual on the show is Gina Marie from NEW YORK proves it exists everywhere.  And that is wrong.  It is also completely unfair and plain stupid to try to play it off like you didn’t mean it because you’re a Texan.  The bottom line is, you’re a grown woman, you went to school, you learned what people of races other than white went through–and are still going through–in this country.  All of this means YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID.

The apology you gave to Candice about your hateful comment was garbage.  I don’t blame her one bit for calling it dirt and I applaud her for choosing to be the bigger person by not knocking the living crap out of you for what you said.  When you sat there mocking her, asking her “where’s your class?”  Perhaps you should have been looking for your own.  That, however, would be futile, because its clear to me–and the rest of the Big Brother audience–that you have none.

You aren’t fooling anyone.  You’ve dug your own grave.  The fact that you think you can treat people the way you do and get away with it shows you are obviously living in a fantasy world.   You don’t care who you hurt.  If–in your opinion–they aren’t as thin as you, as pretty as you, as smart as you, as white as you, then you can treat them like crap.  Sorry, Aaryn, that’s simply not the case.  The people you trample under your narcissistic, self-obsessed, vain, pompous feet are actually smarter than you.  They’re nicer than you.  They are classier than you.  And in the end, the “underdogs” who don’t meet your high standards, almost always win.

Here’s the opinion I and half the country have formed about you:  You’re a hateful, cruel, nasty human being who lives to make others feel inferior.  You’re a slimy, loathsome witch who feels you have to treat others like trash in order to make yourself look better.  You’re still pretty young.  High school wasn’t too long ago for you.  It’s obvious to the Big Brother audience what you must have been like then based on the wicked way you act now.  The film Mean Girls was based on people like you.  It’s sad to think there are people walking around who are the real Regina Georges of this world.  That may be a harsh opinion, but you created it 100 % by yourself, nobody had to embellish a thing.  All you did was be yourself while forgetting you’re on camera 24/7…thus revealing your true character all on your own.

Congratulations, Aaryn.  You’ve earned yourself a lot of nationwide attention.  I hope you’re ready to deal with it when you leave the safety of the Big Brother house.  I see you’ve already been booted from your modeling job.  Good luck getting another one, the likelihood of that happening is very bleak.  You’re going to need to find employment when you leave, because you’ve sealed your fate.  Word on the street is apart from being fired from your modelling job, Big Brother is giving you the boot as well!  Good luck finding anyone willing to risk hiring you.  Most employing institutions in this country are equal-opportunity employers, meaning they don’t tolerate the kind of garbage you spew from your ugly–and rather insipid–mouth.  Being a racist, you’re a lawsuit waiting to happen–something most companies aren’t willing to gamble on.  The world can be very cruel for a bigot.  You act tough.  I hope  you have the strength to face the music when you get back to the real world and are exposed to all the anger and controversy you’ve created.

I know Aaryn isn’t the only person on Big Brother guilty of being cruel and treating the others badly.  But, apart from Gina Marie and Spencer, at least they don’t make racist and intolerant remarks about minorities.  You should be ashamed of yourself.


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