Makeup Haul…Part 1

Since my surgery, I have become addicted to makeup and cosmetics of all kinds.  I’ve spent countless hours online looking at cosmetics, reading up on different brands, watching tutorials, and buying mountains of makeup!  I’ve purchased so much I can’t put it all in one post!  Most of it will be featured in this post, but there will be more in a future post.  I’ve ordered so much over a period of 2 weeks, some of it hasn’t even arrived yet!  Now that it’s starting to arrive and I’m having a chance to try them out, I finally have enough info put together for the first makeup haul post!

Bowl of cosmetics!
Bowl of cosmetics!

The cosmetics I’ve purchased have all been purchased online.  They have all been either on discount websites or on the manufacturer’s websites.  I bought most of them after reading or watching reviews.


My first purchase was a Caboodles makeup organier.  This is the one item I didn’t purchase online.  I found it online, but I wanted to see it in person to ensure it was going to be big enough to hold all my makeup as well as the makeup I’ve ordered and has yet to arrive.  The original organizer I wanted to purchase was the exact same in size and brand, but the outside design was different.  The one I had intended to buy was a black lace pattern.  I purchased it from my local Target store, and had even verified that the store had the particular organizer I wanted.  When I arrived to buy the organizer, however, the one I wanted was nowhere to be found.  They did have this one, though, which is identical in every way except for the outside design.  This one is a black diamond pattern and the material is vinyl like.  Although it isn’t the one I originally wanted, I still think it’s pretty and I love it.  It holds all my makeup and will hold what I still have coming, but by the time the rest of my makeup arrives this thing will be FULL.  I will probably have to invest in another organizer!  I will probably buy a smaller version of this one to use for travel and I will just keep the makeup I use every day in that.

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in Fair.
L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream in Fair.

The First thing I bought online was this L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream.  In my online reading, I learned about the latest trend in cosmetics, B.B. cream.  In my ignorance, I had never even heard of B.B. cream.  I had no idea it existed, let alone was the best thing to happen to cosmetics in a long time!  Apparently it originated in Korea–at least that’s what I read on one website–and it has many purposes.  It functions as a moisturizer, primer for foundation, sunscreen, and if you’re looking to have only a light foundation to look natural, it can even function as actual foundation!  B.B. stands for beauty balm, and I don’t know how I ever lived without this stuff!  I have very sensitive, dry skin, so moisturizing is pretty important to me.  After reading about several different brands of B.B. cream (I didn’t even look into the expensive brands, I was not interested in spending more than $15) I decided L’Oreal’s version was the best.  I can’t say for sure, as I’ve not tried any other brands, but I think my decision was right.  I love this stuff!  It is so creamy, light, and luxurious!  I have worn it by itself without applying any foundation or powder.  You can’t even tell you have it on!  Except for the fact that your skin is so soft!  It provides just enough coverage to make your face look clean and dewy.  It comes out white and once you rub it into your skin, pigmented beads release the color which matches your skin tone.  There are only 3 or 4 colors: Fair, Light, Medium, and Deep (I THINK).  You buy whichever category your skin falls into.  Mine definitely falls into “Fair” and this stuff matches my skin really well.


Cover Girl Invisible Concealer.
Cover Girl Invisible Concealer.

The next item I bought was Cover Girl’s Invisible Concealer in Fair.   I honestly didn’t know the first thing about makeup before my recovery.  I knew just enough to put a little on.  I’d put on some foundation, powder, eyeshadow (one color on my lid only) mascara, blush, and lipstick and head out the door.  I  never even thought about using “extra” stuff like concealer, eye liner, or highlighter.  I was honestly clueless.  My mom tried to teach me these things but I was a tomboy growing up and was pretty disinterested in makeup.  Plus, she never used those things either.  What I used was what she used.  She has always worn neutral makeup, and very little of it, as long as I can remember.  After reading about how to properly apply makeup, I realized concealer was really a staple of makeup.  I have such fair–borderline translucent–skin, so my eyes tend to keep dark circles under them.  Finally the light bulb came on when I realized a little concealer could correct this unflattering problem!  I, again, purchased an inexpensive brand.  I’m very much into the “drugstore” cosmetics.  One of my favorite things to read about are “drugstore dupes” of high-end cosmetics…not that I don’t indulge in some expensive things now and then.

Wet ‘n Wild Glitter Eyeliner

Next I found an AMAZING website, where I bought most of the items.  All Cosmetics Wholesale.  This website offers a HUGE variety of brands and sells items at dirt cheap prices.  For example, they have a huge selection of eyeliners and lipsticks for under $1!  But they sell every type of cosmetic there is.  I am a huge glitter fanatic–very much like a 13 year old girl–and am always trying to find ways to incorporate glitter into my makeup look without looking to childish.  When I saw these liquid liners I couldn’t pass them up!  They are Wet ‘n Wild brand and were very inexpensive.  They came in a set of 4 and include the colors Whimsical (Silver), Fanatical (Black), Magic (Purple), and Mystical (teal).  Despite the Wet ‘n Wild brand being called “cheap,” these liners are great quality and last all day.  So far I haven’t had any issues with them running either.  The glitter shows up very well and doesn’t flake off.  They are very good quality for the price.  I’m very satisfied with this purchase.





Cover Girl Line Exact Eye Liner Gray #605.
Cover Girl Line Exact Eye Liner Gray #605.

Next I bought this Cover Girl Line Exact Eyeliner in gray.  I had never tried the “marker” type liners, so I wanted to see if it was easier.  It is!  It’s exactly like drawing on your eyeliner with a felt-tip marker.  Makes of ease of application.  The gray color goes well with my cool color combinations.  It isn’t my favorite eye liner I’ve ever owned, but it certainly is the easiest to apply.  If you are looking for an easy to apply eye liner, the marker style is right for you.  If I had it to do over again, I would probably have purchased this in black.  While the gray is great, I probably won’t buy gray again.




Hard Candy Glitter Liquid Liner in Licorice.
Hard Candy Glitter Liquid Liner in Licorice.

Being a huge glitter fanatic, I bought a lot of glitter products.  Along with the Wet ‘n Wild glitter liner set I purchased, I also purchased this Hard Candy Walk The Line glitter liner in the color Licorice.  This liner shows the glitter a little more than the Wet ‘n Wild black glitter liner, but the applicator brush is bigger.  The Wet ‘n Wild version gives you a precise, thin line while this one gives you a thicker–but still precise–line.  I love the packaging, very artful.  It matches the personality of those who are most likely to use glitter eyeliner:  fun and creative.  I have had no problems with running or smudging once it is dry, but since it applies a thicker, wider line, it applies more product than the Wet ‘n Wild  liners.  Due to this excess product, it takes it a little longer to dry. So for the first few minutes of wear, be sure to keep your eyes either closed, or at least don’t open them too wide, to avoid getting your eye liner in the crease of your eyelid and ruining your makeup.  That’s the most important thing to remember about this liner:  Let it dry fully.





FLIRT! Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow in Glamourazzi.
FLIRT! Dreamy Eyes Eyeshadow in Glamourazzi.

Next I decided to buy this individual FLIRT! eyeshadow compact in the color “Glamourazzi.”  I didn’t have many purples in my eyeshadow collection, so when I came across this one, I bought it.  It’s a gorgeous warm shimmer purple with flecks of gold.  It is light and highly pigmented, not too chalky.  It doesn’t crease and only requires a little product when applying to the eye.  The phrase “a little goes a long way” definitely applies to this shadow.  I’ve used it in some lovely spring/summer pink and purple eye looks.  It works beautifully and works together well with other brands.  The main brand I’ve used it with is Too Faced, and I can’t tell a difference in quality.  Too Faced is a bit creamer and softer, but not enough to really notice.  Flirt eyeshadow has been a win for me.




Elle Eyeshadow Single  #24
Elle Eyeshadow Single #24

I purchased this eyeshadow from Elle to use as a liner shadow.  It’s a lovely, shimmery black shadow that is super pigmented.  It works great as an eyeliner when I am going for a more matte finish while still maintaining a glittery line.  It only requires one layer of application, the pigmentation is absolutely perfect.  It’s a little too dark for me to use as anything other than a liner, but for those who like to wear bold looks, it would be great in a smokey eye color palette.  It’s a high quality product that wasn’t expensive at all.  And the beautiful silver glitter shows up nicely both in the photo and on your eye.  LOVE it.








Volturi Twilight Loose Eyeshadow in Beloved.
Volturi Twilight Loose Eyeshadow in Beloved.

This loose shadow cup is a beautiful shimmery shade of pink.  It goes on pretty sheer, giving the lid an iridescent, opalesque effect.  If you apply more layers the shadow becomes more opaque.  To achieve a rich, opaque appearance more quickly, this shadow foils well–add a small amount of water to a bit of the shadow to create an eyeshadow creme.  When I use it wet, it doesn’t crease and lasts all day, with or without eye shadow primer.  It’s a gorgeous, high quality product.  I wear it at least twice a week.  Pink is one of my signature colors in my standard color palette, and this pink is my go-to pink for a lot of my pink looks.






Dazzle Licious High Sparkle Lip Gloss
Dazzle Licious High Sparkle Lip Gloss

In case you haven’t already figured it out, I’m a glitter fiend.  I wear more glitter than a 13 year old girl discovering makeup for the first time.  I wear glittery eyeshadow, shimmer blush, glitter nail polish, glitter eye liner, you name it.  I have to be careful not to wear them all in one day!  I always mix my look with a combination of sparkle and matte makeup.  I wear matte foundation and powder every day, never shimmery.  One thing I do usually add glitter to on a regular basis is my lips.  Whether I’m wearing shimmer or matte lipstick, a swipe of this gorgeous lip gloss always makes my lips look like sparkling glass…and I’ve noticed my lips look fuller when I wear this gloss.  That may not happen for everyone, nor is it a claim made by the manufacturers of this gloss, but for me, it works.  It’s a gorgeous pink, but when you apply it, it becomes a subtle light pink, letting the sparkle be the focus.  It is GORGEOUS on the lips and has the smell and taste of watermelon.  I LOVE this gloss, and it reminds me of Hard Candy’s Gloss-a-Holic lip gloss, which was my former favorite gloss.  The only major difference between Hard Candy’s gloss and this gloss is the applicator brush.  This brush is smaller, making it easier to apply without getting any gloss outside the lip area.  The Hard Candy gloss has an enormous applicator sponge which can make application a bit more messy.  Finally, this gloss is a thick formula that lasts much longer than the average lip gloss without making your lips feel slimy or gummy.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Orchid Frost

Maybelline’s Moisture Extreme Lipstick is just what it says.  Extremely moisturizing.  It goes on smooth and creamy and feels great on your lips.  I wear this brand of lipstick three or four days a week and I never have problems with dry, cracked lips.  It keeps your lips hydrated while adding gorgeous color.  I own numerous shades of this lipstick, and my most recent purchase was Orchid Frost.  This shade is a shimmery bring pink color.  A lot of makeup gurus are saying shimmery lipstick is out and it’s all about matte lipstick now.  I agree, I think matte lipstick is the most common and fashionable type of lipstick today, but I can’t get away from my sparkly, shimmery lip colors!  I own a lot of lipstick, over half of which is now matte, but I keep my shimmery colors in there for days I want to add a little sparkle to my face.  Typically I will wear shimmery lipstick when I go with matte makeup for the rest of my face, making my lips really pop and stand out.  I rarely ever pair sparkly eyeshadow with sparkly lipstick.  I love this Orchid Frost shade, it’s great for both spring, and summer, and I am sure I am going to even wear it in the winter.  One negative comment about the Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipsticks is that it isn’t the best when it comes to long lasting wear.  It wears off easily, but it feels so good I still buy it.  If you add a good lip primer, it tends to last twice as long, so with primer, it’s a great brand.




Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Pink Plum

Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush is the first brand of cream blush I’ve ever tried.  I was afraid cream blush would go on too dark and would be a bit tacky.  I found this Dream Bouncy blush is a lovely pink color on sale and decided to buy it.  I couldn’t beat the price and I figured for that cheap, it was worth giving cream blush a try.  It made a believer out of me.  It goes on light and creamy and blends more easily and looks prettier than powder blush.  In fact, lately I’ve been using this cream blush more than my favorite powder  blushes.  It’s moisturizing too.  You simply use two fingers and press them into the blush (and it really is bouncy!) and get a little product on them.  Then you pat the two fingers onto the apples of your cheek until you get the desired amount of blush on your cheeks.  Then you clean your fingers and you pat the cheeks again to blend the color into your foundation.  Works beautifully and lasts all day long.  I’m a cream blush fan for life now that I’ve discovered Dream Bouncy.





Hard Candy Tinted Lip Balm in Lovestruck
Hard Candy Tinted Lip Balm in Lovestruck

This tinted lip balm is soft and creamy on your lips.  Its light tint and sweet smell and flavor takes me back to my childhood and the days of Bonne Bell lip balms.  It has a subtle sweet taste that’s lickably lovely.  It tastes and smells great on your lips.  It only adds a tiny bit of color, so if you’re looking to use this as a lipstick, you will need to look elsewhere.  I typically use it when I am not wearing much makeup and am just looking for a little moisturizer on my lips–not much color.  I also use it to tone down extremely bright lipsticks.  It’s great to blend lipstick and town down loud colors.  It also adds a bit of shine to extremely matte colors








Elle Lipstick #7
Elle Lipstick #7

Elle’s lipstick in color #7 is a lovely warm pink color.  It’s inexpensive but rich.  It lasts longer on your lips than Maybelline’s Extreme Moisture lipsticks, but isn’t quite as moisturizing.  It’s no less comfortable and light to wear.  It doesn’t smudge easily, once you apply it, it dries without drying your lips.  It is highly pigmented, which is the reason the color lasts so long.  Even when you wipe your lips the color remains.  It has all the components of a high quality, high priced lipstick–without the price.  I will definitely buy more Elle lip colors in the future.








haul2I also purchased these roll-on shimmer sticks from NYX–one of my new favorite cosmetic brands–in the shades Platinum and Walnut.  They are gorgeous!  You can use these anywhere you want to add a bit of sparkle:  your face, your eyes, your body.   I typically use them on my eyes.  You can either roll them directly on top of your eyeshadow or you can use them as eyeshadow by themselves.  They provide a high-sparkle glow and I think they’re fantastic.  Whenever I decide to have a shimmery-eye day, I use these.  They are a great addition to your cosmetics collection, and because they’re NYX, they’re high quality with a lowprice!






Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti in Glitz
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti in Glitz

Finally, I bought this bottle of Wet n’ Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti in the color glitz.  It’s a highly reflective silver glitter useful for a wild look–for parties, costumes, etc.  It is best used on the eyes or on the corners of the eyes to make a fairy-like or princess-like appearance.  This isn’t really meant for everyday standard wear.  I love the way the silver glitter reflects every color of the rainbow.  The glitter is amazing.  I love it so much I wish I COULD wear it every day!








So there you have it!  I have swatched my lip colors and glitters so you can see what they look like applied…


1.  Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Confetti (Glitz)

2.  NYX Roll on Shimmer (Platinum)

3. NYX Roll on Shimmer (Walnut)





haul9Lip Colors:

1.  Maybelline Extreme Moisture in Orchid Frost.

2.  Hard Candy Lip Balm

3.  Elle Lipstick Color #7

4.  DazzleLicious Lip Gloss






So there you have it.  Makeup Haul number 1!  Part two will come sometime in the next two weeks.  I’m still waiting on a few products, most of which I’m proud to announce are from Makeup Geek!





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