Just an Update

Since the tone of my last post was pretty depressing, I didn’t want to have the first thing readers see when they visit my blog to be something of a negative nature.  I decided to post something a little more positive to make my blog a more enjoyable read.  I’ve been pretty sick lately due to complications from my recent spine surgery, so I only have a few things to update on–but they’re pretty big!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have unfortunately developed some complications from my spine surgery in May.  The surgical incision failed to close, leaving an open wound on my back over my spine.  This made for a very dangerous situation due to the risk of infection.  I have since had surgery to close the wound, cultures were taken to determine what, if any, bacteria were infecting my wound, and have received treatment.  The cultures revealed very little bacteria, meaning if I had an infection, it was just beginning.  My doctor did find that I had a hematoma, which is a pooling of blood beneath the surface of the skin.  Left untreated, the hematoma would be a breeding ground for bacteria and infection.  She drained that, cleaned up the surrounding tissue, and closed the wound.

Speaking of closing the wound, she had to close it with the black nylon suture, the stereotypical “stitches” most non-medical people think of when they think of stitches.  (Today, most suture used in surgery is absorbed by the body after a certain period of time, usually just the right amount of time needed for the wound to close.)  The reason I was closed with non-absorbable nylon suture was because my doctor suspected the reason my incision failed to heal properly was because my body was allergic to the absorbable suture and attacked it.  This caused the suture to absorb much too quickly, she also suspects it is the cause of the major allergic reaction I suffered.

I’m not sure if the suture is the cause of the allergic reaction, because since my second surgery, I have again developed that same allergic inflammatory response though none of the suture in question was used.  So it’s a mystery.

So far my incision looks good and is staying closed.  I am still dealing with inflammation, swelling, and itching around the incision though.  That on top of the post-surgical pain (which is pretty intense) makes for a pretty uncomfortable situation for me.  I’m not going to let it get me down though.  Am I a little down and a little tired of being stuck indoors with nothing to do?  Yes.  The difference is I’m not going to let it consume my life anymore.  I may have it kind of tough right now, but there are millions of people in the world who have it far worse than I do.  I am just thankful I am alive, I can walk, and that–so far–I’m healing.

So now, I have a few more weeks of recuperation ahead of me, but my mom and I are determined to keep me active.  We plan on getting out of the house more this time, to help with the “cabin fever.”  It may be a bit painful to be active, but I’m tired of doing nothing but sit around, watch TV, surf the internet, and reading  I want to get outside the house, go to stores, go for scenic drives, things like that.  My mom says she will help me accomplish this (since I’m not permitted to drive until released by my doctor).

I was released from the hospital yesterday, making my stay in the hospital almost 5 days.  I can’t believe how sick I got and how quickly it happened!  I’m home now, though, taking today to kind of get adjusted to being home again, then tomorrow we plan on hitting it.  We will slowly start to increase my activities.  Tomorrow we will probably take a drive and maybe go shopping in a store or two.  One thing’s for sure, I won’t be spending another full day in the house!

I have been buying tons of amazing cosmetics at unbelievable prices, so I’m putting together a super fun cosmetic haul post for next time!  Until then, I hope everyone has a terrific week!


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