Can it get worse? YES.

Friday, June 21, 2:20 a.m.

Sitting here alone in my hospital room.  Yep, I’m back in the hospital exactly a month after my surgery.  Sleep isn’t really possible…too many loud sounds outside, strange noises inside, annoying noises in my room (IV pump), and constant interruptions (blood draws, nurse checks–which are good things, but not sleep inducing).  I got maybe an hour of sleep…I may still get more yet….but I know it won’t be a good, long, uninterrupted sleep!  Such is the life of a hospital patient.

I was readmitted to the hospital yesterday.  It was my four week post surgical check-up.  I was supposed to only have a three week checkup, but my surgical incision wasn’t healing properly, probably due to an allergy to the suture used to close it.  So I was sent home with instructions on how to dress it to promote healing and told to return in a week.  So I went back yesterday with my incision looking worse than before.  It took my doctor all of two minutes to decide to directly admit me from the clinic.  😦  With all the rush, it’s a miracle I remembered my computer to fill all the down time.  I am having another surgery today to try to clean the wound and either close it or do some other heinous treatment to promote healing.  I’m dreading it…A LOT.  I’m technically scheduled for 1:00 p.m. but that’s if everything runs on time–which if you’ve ever been in a hospital you know that never happens–and there is always the possibility of a cancellation which would move me up.  More than likely I’ll end up in surgery around 3:0o or 4:00 p.m.  And I can have nothing to eat or drink.  I’ve been NPO (nothing to eat or drink) since midnight and will remain that way until after surgery–whenever it may be.  😦

Normally, I can go without eating for quite a while no problem, but there is something about wanting what you can’t have.  The fact that I KNOW I can’t eat is making me so hungry I can’t stand it.  And I have at LEAST 11 hours to go unless that miraculous cancellation occurs.  Wish me luck, this is not gonna be a fun day.


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