Ulta Haul-Beauty Product Review

As the header says, one of the things I write for this blog is product reviews.  I haven’t done a review in ages!  As far as I know, none of the reviews are available here now since my blog was hacked and I lost so many of my posts.  With that in mind, I decided to review the products I purchased from my local Ulta store recently.  I had never used any of the products previously, so it was fun trying these items for the first time!

1.  Too Faced Natural Eye Palette

Natural Eye eyeshadow palette by Too Faced.
Natural Eye eyeshadow palette by Too Faced.
Natural Eye eyeshadow palette by Too Faced.
Natural Eye eyeshadow palette by Too Faced.

When I walked into the store I made a bee-line to the Too-Faced section.  My mom bought me a huge Too-Faced set that included 20 eye shadow colors, a highlight, two blush colors, two bronzers, and a tube of Shadow Insurance (a.k.a. miracle in a tube–fantastic for making your eye shadow color more intense and longer-lasting!).  I’ve used it these past six months and I’ve loved it.  Thanks to mom, I’ve become addicted to expensive makeup!  I still purchase the inexpensive name brand dupes, but whenever I have the opportunity I will buy Too Faced products.  I read about the Natural Eye palette online and decided I had to have it.  The colors are beautiful!  The palette comes with three tutorial cards which instruct you in three different application techniques for the included colors.  You don’t have to follow the tutorial cards, though.  The beauty of the palette is that all the colors match, thus giving you the freedom to mix and match any color combination you want!  The colors are all beautiful neutral tones in a combination of shimmer, glitter, and matte.  I am very much a glitter fanatic, so my favorite color in the palette is “Nude Beach.”  Nude beach is a beautiful champagne color with gold glitter.  It’s suggested as a highlight color for under the brow, but I even use it on my lid when I don’t feel like going all out on my makeup and want to stick to just one shade.  This eye shadow is fabulous, lasts a long time without wearing off (even without Shadow Insurance), is lightweight, and doesn’t crease.  The $36 price tag is a bit expensive, but there is plenty of shadow in the palette, even with every day use the colors last a long time.

2.  Paul Mitchell Smoothing Line

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Line
Paul Mitchell Smoothing Line

My hair is naturally curly, so I’m always on the lookout for a good smoothing/anti-frizz hair product.  I’ve heard great things about the Ouidad line, but the price is a little steep for me.  I just couldn’t make myself buy it.  While looking around in the hair care section, I came across the Paul Mitchell Smoothing line.  I have used Paul Mitchell products off and on since early childhood.  I used to love it when my mom would splurge and buy the Paul Mitchell shampoo.  I loved the coconut scent so much.  As far as I know, that was really the only option there was from Paul Mitchell.  Now they have a whole line of assorted hair care products for every hair type and need.  This particular line is designed to keep straight, wavy, or curly hair from frizzing up.  My experience with it has been very positive.  When I want to go straight, it keeps my hair shiny and light.  While my hair almost always curls up even when I straighten it, this product keeps it straighter and frizz-free longer.  When I decide to go curly, it doesn’t weigh my hair down.  It keeps my curls soft and smooth, no frizz to be found.  Of all the products I’ve tried, I’ve never had one leave my hair this soft and light.  Most products that claim they leave your hair soft leave my hair oily.  My hair is extremely fine, if I didn’t have any curl, it would be really thin.  This product helps me keep volume while my hair is straight without making it look oily and dirty.

3. Ulta Minerals Powder Foundation

Ulta's brand Mineral foundation.
Ulta’s brand Mineral foundation.

I fell in love with mineral powder foundation several years ago when I bought a Bare Minerals starter kit.  I have always had a hard time with liquid foundations.  My skin is very fair, so most foundations were too light, making me look dead, or too dark, leaving that all-too-common orange line no matter how much I’d blend.  Before I got into product comparisons and “drugstore dupes,” I would splurge and buy the expensive Bare Minerals powder foundation because I liked the matte finish and the ease of blending and matching my skin tone.  I have found the powder foundation to be the best for my skin.  I also don’t buy the primers or finishing veils. I find the best way to make the mineral foundation adhere and last all day is by using the generic brand light face lotion–I use the Wal-Mart Equate brand.  I started getting tired of paying so much for the Bare Minerals, so I started looking for a dupe.  I discovered the Maybelline brand mineral powder and used it for quite some time.  It wasn’t Bare Minerals but it was sufficient.  I was happy with it and on this last trip to Ulta, I had every intention of purchasing it.  Well, the store didn’t have any in stock except for the darkest shades.  I looked at all the brands of mineral foundation they had and decided to go with their Ulta house brand, which I didn’t even know existed.  It looked ok, and they had testers for every color to help me match.  I purchased my color and I’ve been totally happy with it!  I will be switching permanently…and at only $8, it’s less expensive than my previous favorite Maybelline brand dupe!  It is lightweight, odorless, and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry like Maybelline and even Bare Minerals did.  I highly recommend it!

4.  NYX Liquid Eyeliner

NYX liquid eyeliner
NYX liquid eyeliner

I purchased this on a whim.  I loved the colors it offered and, best of all, it was inexpensive!  $2 on sale (not much more when not on sale).  I purchased black, blue, and purple.  I have used it numerous times, and it’s terrific.  It’s easy to apply, doesn’t make a mess, and though it isn’t advertised as waterproof, I haven’t had any trouble with it running.  The black is great for traditional wear, but there are a few brown shades for neutral, and tons of great whimsical and bright colors for every makeup style.  The blue looked amazing with the muted–but still lovely–peacock eye makeup tutorial I did from a pinterest pin.  It’s a great liquid liner for all occasions, and the fact that it’s super inexpensive is icing on the cake.  Highly recommended.


This is the first time I’ve been to Ulta, or any beauty product store or department, that I’ve had this kind of record.  Usually when I purchase numerous new beauty products at least ONE fails, but this time I was four for four!  I loved each and every product I bought.  The Ulta store here is still relatively new, and I can tell it’s going to be a major problem for me to stay out of there!


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