Slacking On The Job

I’m not slacking on my writing I promise!  In fact, I’ve been writing up a storm.  Since resigning from my nursing job, I’ve began writing for various websites and magazines.  I am now an official contributor to, Scrubs Magazine, and Yahoo and their partner sites.  Since resigning, I’ve had 15 articles published either online or in print.  I’ve earned money, won awards, won contests, and even been interviewed and profiled.  I’m still currently searching for a job that will meet my non-lifting restriction, but I have applied to several and I’m confident I’ll be offered the job that’s right for me.

My goal is to get a job that pays the bills while still allowing me to write in my spare time.  Eventually I hope to publish more and more articles and eventually even a book.  I hope to eventually transition from nurse to writer who happens to also be a nurse!  I will continue to write here on my blog, but sadly my posts will be a little fewer and further between.  Here’s where you can catch some of my other writing endeavors:


Nurse Together

Scrubs Magazine



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