Back Among The Living

I’m happy to report I’m coming out of the reclusive phase I have been in lately.  Many of my readers, followers, and friends may have noticed I’ve been MIA from most of my social websites.  I haven’t tweeted, updated my facebook status, or live blogged on tumblr in a while.  Then there’s this blog, which I have also neglected lately.  I did update on Friday, April 26, but it was a very brief post informing everyone I’m starting a modest graphic design business.  It’s goal is mainly to cater to either small businesses or people who are self-employed to help them create logos, letterheads, and other necessary business items that would help promote their company.  I also cater to people who don’t have much money but have graphic design needs.  For example, a friend of mine just had a baby.  She wants to send out birth announcements, but to order those from a big company would cost a pretty hefty chunk of change.  That’s where I come in. I can create a lovely birth announcement, take it and have it printed and deliver to her.  My charge is for the printing fee and a small fee for creating the announcement. And believe me, my fee is minuscule compared to ordering them from a large company.

What I didn’t mention in my brief post/business plug on Friday was that I resigned from my job.  I went to the doctor on Thursday to find out the results of my MRI.  The results were not good.  I have serious problems in my lower back and, at least at this time, the doctor wants to pursue other alternatives before resorting to surgery.  I was all for that decision as the last back surgery I had was a nightmare.  I can’t even begin to describe how awful that was.  The only thing good about it was the IV morphine every 4 hours while I was in the hospital.  Unlike most people who sleep when they are given narcotic pain relievers, they have the reverse effect on me, making me almost hyper.  I’m also very happy and extremely chatty!  Other than that, though, that was one of the top ten worst experiences of my life.  So the first treatment we are pursuing are epidural steroid injections.  Yes, epidural like women get when they’re in labor.  Just a different medication is being injected.  Instead of injecting my spine with a medication that would numb me from the point of injection down, I am getting a cocktail of medications (mainly steroids) injected with the goal of reducing some of the inflammation which is causing so much of my pain.  This treatment gives me only a 50-60% chance of pain relief, but we are trying it.  My first treatment was Wednesday May 1.  I am still in excruciating pain from that, more pain than I was in before!  I was told, however, that this is a normal occurrence and it will get better once the medication has time to dissipate and spread throughout my spinal canal.  So anyway, enough with the gross stuff…

I’m happy to announce that an article I wrote is being featured on a nursing website.  It will be published tomorrow.  I’m pretty proud of that.  🙂  I also just became a content contributor (freelance writer basically) for Yahoo.  Basically what that entails is, I can accept assignments offered to me based on a profile I had to fill out, or I can write articles of my own and on the topic of my choice.  I have written one article already but it is still being reviewed by the editors.  I wrote it before I started taking the courses they offer to ensure you enter quality content and you enter it in the format they want.  The wonderful thing about this is, you are paid for it!  Modest amounts, by no means enough to support yourself, but any means of getting extra money is always a plus.  They pay you up front a small amount (anywhere from $5 to 25$) and you then receive payments for every 1,000 views of each of your articles which goes on as long as the article is online–which is usually forever.  So I’ve been working hard to complete the courses so I can start writing more articles that they will accept and start making some money.  It’s really neat and I’m looking forward to writing for them.  These articles you write are featured on one or several of Yahoo’s secondary sites like Yahoo Shine, OMG, Yahoo Voices, Yahoo Movies, etc.  Since I’m out of work now, at least for the next month, I’m happy to have this to do in my free time.

Hope everyone is doing well, I will be updating here as much as possible.  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.


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