If My Friend Could See Me Now.

I had a dream the other night, my uncle came to me.
He told me he’d been watching and I was no pleasant sight to see.
“What do you mean uncle? Have I been living the wrong way?”
“Yes,” he told me firmly.  “You’re throwing your life away.”
“I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong, I work, I do the best I can!”
“You’re not the girl you used to be, your spirit’s pale and wan.
You go through life from day to day just struggling to get by.
You find no joy in simple things, like when I was alive.”
“You’re right,” I told him sadly, understanding what he meant.
My life’s felt meaningless and empty since to heaven your spirit was sent.
On earth he was a partner in crime, my confidant, my friend.
When he died so suddenly, I felt my life too, would end.
I no longer find joy in simple things the way I did before.
Now I live in search of happiness and always needing more.
“Did you think I would be proud of you, for living your life this way?
You can’t go through life just trying to erase the day.”
“I don’t see the point anymore now that you’re not here.
I’ve lost you, my friends, my joy…all the things I hold dear.”
“I’m sorry you’re unhappy, your sadness I hate to see.
But you can’t continue living life waiting to join me.
There’s a whole world out there–amazing things–just waiting for you to find.
I may not be there physically but my spirit’s right behind.
Go live your life as I would do, drive fast, play your music loud.
Be the special person you are and stop disappearing into the crowd.
We’ll reunite soon enough but until that day arrives,
You must stop feeling so much pain and go out and live your life.”


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